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7/13 Morning Report Image

A 74F w/ ESRD on HD, DM comes with in a painful rash that has grown over 3 weeks.
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Diagnosis in ESRD: Calciphylaxis!
*Description: “painful black eschar with slight surrounding angulated purpura”
*Associated with elevated calcium-phosphorous product
*Due to calcium deposition in vessels -> distal ischemia -> tissue necrosis
*Prognosis 60 to 80% in 1 year, often due to infectious complications
Differential diagnosis of black eschar: think infections (mostly fungal) and vascular (see )
-Fungal: Aspergillus, mucormycosis, cryptococcus
-Bacterial: Pseudomonas ecthyma gangrenosum, anthrax
-Warfarin necrosis
-purpura fulminans