Friday MR with Justin: Scurvy!

A middle aged woman w/ PMHx Bipolar, HLD, and hypothyroidism who p/w syncope in s/o 2-3 months of LE ecchymoses/petechiae, admitted for syncope, anemia, and petechial rash ultimately diagnosed with scurvy.


Key Learning Points

-Vitamin C deficiency results in impaired collagen synthesis – typical pathologic manifestations occur in collagen-containing tissues/organs: skin, cartilage, dentin, osteoid, and capillary blood vessels – scurvy may present with gum bleeding, petechiae or ecchymoses

-The skin findings may initially resemble a vasculitis!

-Treatment is vitamin C supplementation – many of the constitutional symptoms improve within 24 hours – bruising and gingival bleeding resolve within a few weeks


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