7/7 Morning Report with Jossy and Dr. Robbins: Don’t. Trust. Anyone.

A young women w/ no past medical history presents with abdominal pain and N/V, found to have pancreatitis c/b transaminitis (AST>>ALT) and hepatic steatosis ultimately found to be 2/2 surreptitious alcohol use!
*Take home points: 1) When you have a high suspicion for alcohol use and your patients deny it, ask, ask, and ask again! 2) Have a framework for less common causes of pancreatitis*
Causes of Pancreatitis, in order of incidence
—————–These first two account for 60-75% all cases in US!
*Rare: Autoimmune, Celiac, IgG4, pancrease divisum, infection
*Idiopathic: A diagnosis of exclusion, but per uptodate can be 15-25% of all patients

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